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FREENola J. Pender (born August 16, 1941) is a nursing theorist, author, and academic. She is a professor emerita of nursing at the University of Michigan. She created the Health Promotion Model. She has been designated a Living Legend of the American Academy of Nursing. Biography. Nola J. Pender, PhD, RN, FAAN earned her BS in 1964 and her MA in 1965 from Michigan State University in East Lansing ...

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FREENola Pender - Nursing Theorist. One of the roles of nurses is to help patients learn to care for themselves and make healthy choices. By participating in their own self-care, patients can prevent illnesses and diseases and help ensure they have better overall health. One nursing theory that helps patients prevent illnesses through their behavior and choices is the Health Promotion Model, which ...

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FREEHealth Promotion Model Nola J. Pender Environment is collaboration with individual, families and communities to craete theoptimal conditions for health. Metaparadigms of HPM is a biopyschosocial organism that is partially shaped by the environment but also seeks to create an ...

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FREEFREE Nola Pender's model of health promotion was intended to address what Pender saw as a deficit in existing nursing theories, namely the failure to promote wellness as well as cure sickness. The Pender model defines health as a positive and dynamic state, not merely the absence of disease. Pender identifies her rubric as a model, rather than a meta-theory, and states that it is complementary ...

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FREEFREE Population Health Promotion (PHP) model is a full cube shape image, which explains the relationship between population health and health promotion. This model identifies how population health approach can be implemented through action on the full range of health determinants by means of health promotion strategies. The full cube includes 12 determinants of health on the front of the cube ...

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80% offNola J. Pender - Health Promotion Model - Stritch Library. 80% off Offer Details: Nola J. Pender - Health Promotion Model This model is a heuristic device that encourages scholars to look integratively at variables that have been shown to impact health behavior.The HPM synthesizes research findings from nursing, psychology and public health into an explanatory model of health behavior that ...

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FREEPender, Nola J.; Garcia, Anne W.; Ronis, David L. (1995) (53.4KB) (8KB) Health Promotion Model - Instruments to Measure HPM Behavioral Determinants : Exercise Role Models Scale (Adolescent Version)  Pender, Nola J.; Garcia, Anne W.; Ronis, David L. (1995) (43.3KB) (19.5KB) Health Promotion Model - Instruments to Measure HPM Behavioral Determinants : Exercise Social Support Scale (Adolescent ...

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The Health Promotion Model


FREEHealth Promotion Model Clinical Assessment for Health Promotion Plan Example: Increasing Physical Activity Assess current stage of physical activity [pre-contemplation (PC), contemplation (C), planning/preparation (P), action (A), maintenance (M)]. If in stages C, P, or A, continue. If in stage M, reinforce positive behavior. If in stage PC ...

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The Health Promotion Model in HIV Care


FREEThe Health Promotion Model (HPM) was designed as a health protection model that defined health as a state of positive metabolic and functional efficiency of the body and not merely the absence of disease 11. The HPM is a nursing adaption of the health belief model, which is directed toward increasing a patient’s level of well-being and self-efficacy as the patient interacts with the ...

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